Ahh, TRL. I know I wasn’t the only one to rush home from school, flip on MTV, wish I was holding up a sign for JC Chasez in Times Square & wait patiently to see who made it to #1.

My thoughts usually went something like this: Carson Daly is kinda cute. Man, these videos are edgy. NSYNC is clearly better than the Backstreet Boys. Britney is awesome, Christina is scandalous & why am I supposed to care about Jessica Simpson? Why am I watching this weird KORN video? (see also: Limp Bizkit.)

But one of the best parts of TRL was one almost lost from my memory forever. The TRL Photobooth. Thanks to Buzzfeed for posting this article yesterday featuring 40 Awkward Photos From The “TRL” Photo Booth. Personally I think it should be 40 AWESOME photos. Especially this one of blink 182.

Because let’s face it: blink > NSYNC BSB combined.

trl photobooth

 TRL Photobooth