vintage photo boothVintage Photo Booth

Pictured above is Anatol Josepho: inventor of the Photo Booth! We think he’s a pretty neat guy. Anatol was a Siberian immigrant who traveled the world, eventually landing in New York City & selling his photo booth patent for $1 million on March 28, 1927. He died in 1980 in Southern California. Talk about the American dream! His creation (pictured above) went on to evolve into the vintage photo booth that enthusiasts still enjoy today! (Read more about him here. He led such a cool life!)

In starting The Majestic Photobooth Company, we had the goal of keeping the classic photo booth vibe alive in a digital world. We’ve been so inspired by the original vintage photo booth and people like Anatol.  He was the creator of the first selfie, looong before the smart phone came along! Below we have shared some of our favorite vintage photo strips in honor of the days gone by. Check ’em out.

vintage photo strip

Former governor of New York Al Smith and Senator-elect Robert Wagner

jfk photo booth

JFK Jackie O

vintage photo booth

A young Miles Davis

vintage photo booth photo

Waylon Jennings Buddy Holly

We loved the vintage photo booth so much, that we even made or own digital booth modeled after those antique beauties. Below is our Classic Majestic Photobooth, complete with red background curtains and checkerboard floor. A few under the hood improvements have been added, such as a high quality DSLR camera and touchscreen interface, but we think it still captures that vintage charm.

vintage photo booth inspiration

Our new Classic Majestic Photobooth, Modeled after the original vintage photo booth

If you’d like to learn more about the Classic Majestic Photobooth click here!

We’d also like to take this moment to thank you all for being a part of our small American Dream. Thank you.  Here’s to the next 86 years of vintage Photo Booth fun!